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JHETT/Do or Die feat. Namie Amuro (translation)
Was jamming to this song earlier and then realized I've never found a translation for it. This one was a bit difficult. I left all the Engrish intact. Disclaimer as before: I'm not 100% fluent, mistakes possible, kthxbai

Do or Die feat. Namie Amuro
Lyrics & Music: JHETT & MICHICO

◆Do or die, Do or die
yeah, I'm goin' all out with such high stakes, I'll try my luck
Do or die, Do or die
there's no turning back now, my heart says (no)

I'm taking all the coins outta my purse,
hiding my true self, I'm out of my mind
Tonight's competition is so so tight,
that it's kind of motivating me. It seems to be a tie

◇With my unfaltering poker face
I oughta steal that ace of ace
This game is a strong man's dream race (it's quite risky, let's get started)
Play for that, the king of gold, ah...


Watchin' the points on the roulette, who let the wheels spinning
Gimme some more of this thrill rushing through my body!
(yeah C'mon baby gimme some) I plan to take it all and
Take it to the house
Jackpot 7 7 7, whatever



My life...
Gambling, Tumbling, then Hustling... oh... oh...

◆Repeat x2

I started watching a new drama! I've finished Delicious Gakuin and Tumbling and I looooved them both! I already want to watch them again. Tumbling was so violent though, so I'm not going to watch the whole thing in a day again (too much violence for a day but sooo good omg). Anyway, this new one, I do not like so much. Hana Kimi? All the main characters are so annoying, especially Mizuki. I find myself yelling at my screen way too much from her shenanigans. I wish I could stop watching, but since I'm halfway through, I need to know the ending.


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